Are you in love ( Not the “stop and hit and drop” kind of love) with a girl and you’re wondering if she’s actually feeling anything for you? Maybe you’ve been expecting verbal confirmation from her and you’re not getting it. Some girls are not very vocal about their feelings like some men do. Check out these 10 signs below, maybe you’d find yourself somewhere!
1. When she speaks to you on phone her voice suddenly become softer than before. You can imagine how sweet is could be that your girl starts talking to you in a very soft voice, a voice laden with emotions that only you could feel if you had fallen in love with her too. Sometimes they do not even know when they do it.
2. Sometimes you catch her staring at you. It is common to find girls in love many times lost staring at the people they fall in love with. The eyes are the doors to the soul. A girl gets so intense looking at you so, because of interest, wanting to be closer to you, to know you more.
3. She returns your calls if she ever misses them for any reason. You know sometimes a girl could fall so deeply in love with you that she would love to be talking to you, to feel and see you every minute of the day but then it would sound embarrassing, it will be embarrassing if she suddenly starts calling you 20 times a day. sometimes you find such a girl keeping quiet, keeping away and you might begin to think this girl does not care about me but then you find that whenever you call her the call always get so far, get so deep and you get to know that she actually was thinking of you. Well all girls are not like, There are some girls that they can afford to be texting you keeping in touch with you and calling you. And they love it when you keep steady contact. Some girls on the other hand do not fancy too frequent contact
4. She feels free to disclose to you things she cannot freely talk to anyone else about. This openness is a sure signal she trusts (and loves) you.
5. She gets interested in discussing about your welfare, asks questions about your future, gets so concerned if she perceives you in danger, and would get fuzzy when she thinks you hide things from her.
6. She gets uncomfortable seeing you with other girls. Even if you were not aware of her feelings you will notice her excited whenever she’s around you, and then going cold and uncomfortable when she finds another girl spending time with you. Then worse, if she thinks you are having interest in another girl then you’ll find her suddenly withdrawing from you without any significant cause.
7. This might sound crazy, but you will notice that before the relationship got far, maybe when you visit and she’ll be serving you food, she would be giving you food in a separate plate and suddenly you visit her and she put food for the both of you in one plate that means she wants both of you to eat from the same plate. That is another hot indicator you should not overlook if you like the girl.
8. Feeling uncomfortable in your presence. Some girls are naturally shy, especially those who have not been into relationships before. Your presence would make her suddenly feel uneasy and she could not look you in the face. Then when you’re not looking she forgets herself staring at you.
9. Some girls too could be aggressive ๐Ÿ˜‚. This type will suddenly start throwing bitter jokes at you in front of people. Jokes and jibes that could hurt. This was a way of getting your attention. You’ll find that such a person might even be too shy to face you one on one. They use ‘third parties’ to keep a communication channel between you two.
10. Another type, stranger still. This type will craftily become friends with all your closest friends, and talks to them in your presence with even showing that they noticed you. Eventually you will find your friend telling you about her. This type prefers to use your friend(s) to reach to you. If you find a girl suddenly close to your friend, and she doesn’t seem to like talking to you. Watch it. She’s trying to learn you from your friend. Show me your friend they say, and I’ll tell you who you are. When the girl is satisfied with your friend (s) she can either use them to get to you or she’d reach you directly.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.
And if any of the above occurred in your case feel free to share with us. Don’t be shy!๐Ÿ˜‚

10 Non-verbal signs that a girl has feelings for you

6 thoughts on “10 Non-verbal signs that a girl has feelings for you

  • November 5, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Number 10 was my case. I had almost believed that the girl who hated me . I liked the girl but i had to observe the ‘cold war’ between us. Then one day my best friend walked up to me and told me he noticed how i always reacted in the girl’s presence. “You like her man, go talk to her!” I pointed out the disinterest with which the girl had been treating me. We argued. Finally i plucked up the courage and went to her. It was as if she had been waiting for it all her life.
    Last Sunday was our 2 years marriage anniversary ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • January 2, 2021 at 10:09 pm

    True. I totally agree with this post. I have experienced some of these myself.

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