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I told Dad about d interview 5 days to it
And he agreed
I told step mom too
And I called mom and told her but she didn’t buy d idea of me going since I won’t have a decent plc to stay
Since I was under pressure in d house to get something doing
I called up some friends and I was assured I will be accommodated
On d day, dad paid d tfair and gave me 2k and said he’ll send money for me once he’s paid his salary.
On getting to Lagos, I used same money to locate my course mate’s plc
She bought 200 naira worth food for me for the day
She didn’t take me to her house rather to one of her friends. Then she dressed up and went out on a date which she later called to say she won’t be coming back dat night. I slept in the house with another girl till d next morning,
I woke up to prepare for the interview and left d house for the interview.
I tried my best to locate the plc after spending like 650 out of 1100 dat was left with me
I went in and sat with others till about 2pm dey started the interview, by d time I was done with mine, d time was past 4
I managed again to return home using easier route and finally spent 350
On getting home, nothing to eat n d geh too asked when I’m leaving since I was done with my interview, so I told her but I informed her earlier dat I will stay to get their response but she kept complaining and kinda indirectly insulting me.
So I called Dad and told him about it but he did nothing, finally when d pressure and insult was too much i told her I’ll leave on Sunday
So she was happy
From there I landed in a hotel since no one was able to save the situation, an ex Corper friend helped pay a hotel room for me and bought food for me.
Dat Sunday night, I called Dad again but he said he hasn’t been paid and don’t know when so I stopped calling him
He called on Tuesday morning and started insulting me, telling me shebi I was d one dat wanted to go to Lagos therefore, I should be productive to myself and that I didn’t give him money to keep for me perhaps I shouldn’t disturb him.
Monday came, still no money but the boy still renewed d hotel room for me thinking dad will send me money.
But d day was gone again so I called mom and told her how I’ve landed in a hotel, she called Dad and poured out her anger on him when my brother in school too complained he was starving, he hasn’t done course registration and others bcus she too used her salary to settle her outstanding hospital bills and feeding
And as for my brother he said he’ll frustrate him till he kill himself since he said he will drink sniper
So finally on Wednesday the boy assisted again and renewed the room for me.
Then one of my uncles my mom reported d case to sent me money to return home.
So on Thursday morning I returned home and stayed with mom till on Friday evening, I came back home
On getting to the house, my step mom said I should pack my things and leave the house but I asked her what I did but she didn’t say anything reasonable.
When I called Dad to tell him I’m home he heard her voice in the background saying I should leave. So he asked what I did but I told him I don’t know oo
There he ended the call
So since I refused leaving, she came and started beating me, hitting my head on the wall, pressing my neck and doing all sort to me but I told her she must kill me today if not I’m not leaving
She dragged me on the floor from my room, kicking and mashing me on the head
But what I saw at that moment was death. I told her to get a knife and stab me to death if not am not leaving. So when she Heard what I told her she left me and I entered my room and locked up myself
Till my aunt came back and she followed my aunt into my room, pushed her aside and started mashing my head to the floor, hitting my head on d wall and so on till she succeeded in pushing me out
But neighbors intervened and I entered the house back but dad refused picking anyone’s call bcus aunt said he was behind what happened to me
My aunt said my dad called his wife to tell her that I called my mom to insult him
So she did all that to bcus her husband was insulted by my mom but it’s all a lie bcus him and his wife wants me and my brothers out of the house
My mom said she didn’t insult him
My mom said she only asked why he is suffering his own children?
And that he called her later to apologize for what he did to us
All this madness is bcus she doesn’t want me to work but sit at home as she has always wanted.
She did dsame thing to my dad’s younger brother that was living with us and pursued him out of the house.

And when all this things were happening my dad refused picking his calls bcus he was aware of what he did



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