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Succubus, was first used in the late 14th century to refer to  a sexual demon in the form of  a female that appears to males in dreams, trances and other conditions, and induces sexual acts with them while drawing energy from them in the process.

There has been so much said about their existence, and their nature and activities.  Some people do not believe that these beings exist. While others have many experiences to backup their belief in the existence of succubi (plural for succubus). Tales from ancient times have carried on the stories of these spirits and what they were known to do.

After reading all the questions from various people who have read some of my contributions on the topic on several blogs, i decided to look for evidence of these beings. Some people who do not believe in the existence of spirits (good or bad) will find it easy to believe that victims of succubus are having severe forms of schizophrenia. But then most boys once they reached age 14, or even earlier, begin to experience changes in their bodies. Some of these changes include but not limited to wet dreams. Most boys who had wet dreams who agreed to talk about it, confessed to seeing some female in their dreams and finding themselves sexually excited before they wake and finds their boxers wet.

Josh (not real name) 14, and in 2nd year in high school, said,” It always came with the face of a girl i had seen and admired on of the fashion magazines. Many times she would just come and talk to me. We would talk and laugh.  Sometimes i felt her touching my body. Some kind of warmth like electricity would seize up my whole body. She would just laugh and laugh. Then when i wake up, I would find my boxers were wet. It felt good and she kept coming back. But i couldn’t talk to anyone about it, it was a shame to have to explain how i got my boxers wet”

Up to 450 boys that agreed to speak to my friends working with me, 432 agreed to have had such an experience. Most of these boys were virgin, and had some female somewhere that they idolized or crushed on.

You might begin to assume that it was probably a figment of their imaginations. We decided to talk to adults to know if it was really general.

Max, 49 was the first to share his experience. He said he was virgin till his late 30s. His experience of succubus looked to be close to that of Josh. But his was more aggressive. He had a particular lady he had never met before talking to him sometimes in his dreams. Eventually it came close to being real, as the lady continued to visit in his dreams and promising to come back to visit. Many of the times they had sex in the dreams and he would wake up in his own ejaculate, tired, and feeling ashamed.  She kept coming back.  According to him, he began to seek advise and upon the recommendation of a psychologist, he decided to relocate.  After his relocation the experience stopped. Max when questioned about his mental standing in the past, said he had never had any mental issues.

Josh mentioned earlier, said his experienced stopped after he got his first girlfriend.  Some of the other boys said they still experienced it even when they had gotten girlfriends and started having sex.  Some said the occurrence reduced, that it only happened after a long period without sex.

So many of the people admitted that the succubus they encountered always used the faces of people they admired, or took on the appearance of beautiful girls that they had never met before. One boy however said he had sex in his dream with something that had a very sexy body. She so poured emotions through him, that he lost count of the number of ejaculations,. He said that just before the dream faded from his head, as the lad turned, he saw something with the face of horse.

“It was so scary.. that for days i feared to sleep alone. It would have been bearable without the snout thing. It felt horrible..” , the boy wrote.

There were some of our sources who alleged that the demons simply walked through the walls in their rooms to engage them in sex while they looked helplessly. This brings in the case of sleep paralysis.

Mike, 38, had a rather interesting experience. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and worked his transfer to another city to help him totally get over the girl. As he started settling down to his new environment, he started having strange encounters.

“..I  woke up one morning. i was awake but felt weak, too weak to get up. I suddenly had this cold feeling at the back of my neck. I felt this thickness in the air, like i was not alone. I heard a noise in the kitchen but i couldn’t get up. I heard something like a girl’s voice singing. I was still down on the bed and still not able to move any part of my body. My mouth could not open to even ask if anybody was there. The next thing, the noise stopped.  and i head the swooshing of fabric. someone was in the room with me. I didn’t see the movement, but the next i sensed was a weight on the bed close to my head. Then i saw it. It looked like a very beautiful girl. It just stooped down and looked at me with feline eyes. I opened my mouth to scream at it to get off me, but no sound came out. It simply smiled. Then said, My name is Cecilia, Ill be back. It just disappeared. It was only then that my body reconnected with my brain. I woke up soaked in sweat. For days i didn’t sleep in my house…”

According to him the experience continued. She eventually started having sex with him in his dreams. and he would wake up to find her sitting on the bed, the few moments before he would fully regain his senses she’d be gone. The experience he said, stopped some 5 years later after he met his current girlfriend.

So many people have experienced this, and it seems very clear that these spirits really exist, but no one has proved to fully understand their modus operandi. 

Have you had any encounters with succubus? Do you have thing to say concerning this topic?

You can use the comments section or write your own experience .   Your identity will not be disclosed if you do not wish it.

Do Succubi really exist?


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