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You may have heard of or even suffered from a succubus/incubus attack before. These spirits have been known since time immemorial for attacking their victims and absorbing their live energy while getting them sexually aroused. There have been many theories and counter-theories on the nature and activities of these supernatural beings. We may not be looking into those in this article.
We shall be looking at the signs that people normally encounter before the experience occurs. We took time to interview about 225 victims of these attacks. About 80% of them seem to have similar experience before these attacks happened to them. Based on these findings we consulted with experts in the paranormals and their contributions corroborated the testimonies of our volunteers. see what we got below in the order of occurrence.
1. Long time without Sex or Infrequent Sex:It is common knowledge that people who have not been sexually active for a long time tend to experience more of these attacks. Virgins among our sources had the worst cases as their anxiety and ignorance rendered them easy prey to the spiritual sex predators. Another source, a divorcee said it started 3 years after her spouse left her. She has not had interest in men enough after that to start another relationship. She began to have sex in her dreams, with a guy she had never met before, and she has no control over it. She didn’t worry much about it at the beginning, not until it became obvious to her that it wasn’t normal, as the same guy continued to visit her over and over again

2. Unusual ‘Horniness‘:
Many of our sources reported they normally started having a sudden peak in sexual urge levels. Since less sexually active people are more prone to these attacks, it is easy to agree with this opinion. The sexual hormones of a non-active person tends to get triggered to a higher level than that of an active person. Austin(real name hidden)reported that his urges usually got so high that the sound of a girl’s voice alone got his tiger almost tearing out of its cage. And it normally happened to him around that period, and in a period when he got unusually tired.
3. Unusual tiredness. Most of our sources reportedly experienced an unusual tiredness, which sometimes got them sleeping off earlier than usual, just before the attack. This weakness some people believe, is induced by the spirits to totally reduce the mental alertness of their victims.

4. Sleep Paralysis: Many victims said they experienced sleep paralysis just before they get the attack. The sleep paralysis rendered them unable to move or call for help, while the demons took advantage of them.

5. Animals/pets get scared:  It is common belief that animals like dogs can sense the presence of evil spirits. Some of our sources when had pets, especially dogs, confirmed that their dogs would go all violent on an unseen intruder, barking like they saw the devil. Some of them would shush or ignore the dogs. Many of them testified to experiencing the attacks on many of such nights.


If you’re experiencing the attacks, these signs might help you to at least be aware of the loneliness of an attack. In future posts we shall look at what can be done, If any, to prevent these attacks.

If you had it in the past and was able to get over it, please click here to share your experience to help other people.

Signs of an imminent Succubus/Incubus attack
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