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I am the first son in a family of 5, from Trans-Ekulu, Enugu state. I had an experience last two weeks in Wuse, Abuse. I want to tell this story because our society is fast turning into something else, and i want other men out there to learn from my story.

I left home when i was just 7 to stay with my uncle in Lagos, to learn trade.

I stayed with my uncle for another 7 years. Then after my 15th birthday my uncle found sponsorship for me to China to go and continue my studies as he wanted me to study medicine and surgery. The last time i went home was just before my 14th birthday. By then my mom had just given birth to our 4th born, a boy.

Abroad i continued with my education, and the Roman Catholic organization sponsoring me and other beneficiaries gave us the best support. When i finally got my admission to study my medicine and surgery, after my matriculation, 3 weeks later my dear uncle died of cancer. I was heavily shaken by the news. His wife, my aunt, still continues to show care for me after his demise.

I spent 18 full years in China with my internship added. I practiced with a popular health institute in Beijing for 3 years. I was told that my mom had given birth to another girl almost immediately i left for China. I didn’t have chance to keep contact with all of my family. I was still angry with my dad for his blunt refusal to allow me go to China. It was my mom that secretly signed my papers for me. I still sent them money, but no enough communication as i was also very busy.

By the middle of the year i began to plan to return to Nigeria. Abroad-trained doctors i heard, have become hot cakes in the country. I was advised to come home and see what lies in store for me in my home country.

Abuja was far from my native town. My family could not come to welcome me, i told them however that i would spend some time in Abuja to fix some things before coming home. It was just my Aunt and a few friends that came to receive me at the airport. 

I didn’t want to become a burden to my aunt so checked in to a popular hotel at Wuse. During my timeouts and hangouts i discovered a girl at the hotel, said her name was Debbie. I immediately liked the girl and before long she became a frequent guest to my room. She said she was studying at the University there in Abuja, but working part-time to get more funds to balance up for her needs. I immediately fell in love with her, for the fact that she decided to work, instead of doing what other girls did to get money.

To cut the long story short. We began to intimate but i had yet to have sex with her. Funny enough we had not discussed about where our places of birth, family and stuff like that.  Nobody really asked such questions these days.

We got really close. Then one day, i was going through her phone, having nothing else to do while i waited for her to cook up something. She normally left her phone open for me, and i did the same for her. As i casually browsed through her pictures a call came in from a caller saved as ‘lovely mom’ the number on display was exactly my mom’s!  

My mom’s number was the first phone number i crammed before traveled. I knew it by heart, in sleep and wakefulness. I wanted so much to think of a coincidence. So i waited for her to come out.

When i showed her the call, she said it was her mother, her biological mother! I nearly fainted.

As we got down to details, i found her name was Chimdeberem, (Which she shortened to Debbie), and she was my mother’s last girl, born the year i left for China. We both thanked our stars that we hadn’t had sex yet, it would have been nasty. Our love was close to very true, but now we both new our statuses, another battle was to gradually break down those feelings and translate them into family love.

Please young people out there. My advise is this,

  1. Always make sure to know the primary details of a girl before you go beyond with her

  2. Make sure to make time to know your family, one by one, it’s very important.

  3. Don’t let sex be the first thing in your relationship.

I thank God for saving me. I hope someone will learn from my experience.

I almost slept with my younger sister!

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