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Kingdom of Heaven remains one of the most undeleted movies of the century. It’s a movie one would watch and watch over and over again. Filled with action, love/romance, Religion, history and more, the movie tells the story of the struggle by the Muslims and the Christians to keep the Holy land. Each fought for what they believed to be rightfully theirs.
The most amazing thing about the movie, apart from the plot, is the selection of the soundtracks. This is a collection of music from the very best of their kind. The music flowed with the mood, the spirit of each action and inaction, everything was well engineered to keep the audience tied for the 3 hours plus that the movie lasted. I give these 3 hours over and over, watching it over and over again, and still feeling the thrill, like each time was my first.
I have searched long and hard to find some of the audio tracks used in the movie but i couldn’t find any mp3. When i was just about giving up, i found it here
One hour plus of non-stop soul healing music. These days i hardly passed a day without playing the full song out. I had also begun to look the artists of the various songs.

Finally i would love to recommend this movie to anyone who has not watched it yet. You will definitely love it, i promise! Feel free to get the soundtrack music from here for your own enjoyment!

The Movie, Kingdom of heaven

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