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Ella and her fiance Sam lived in a small village on the south of the Niger.
They had been together for over 3 years. Sam was not particularly rich but he loved Ella so very much. she was all he got and he cared so much for her. she in turn loved him more than anything else in life. Sam did all he could to get work to get a job so he could provide for their needs, but life seemed to be playing a bitchy game on him. Though they had not been formally married but they’d been living together, their families knew themselves and everything so they had been very very close to the point that people used to say that only death could separate the two of them.
So it happened that one December Sam felt so ill and needed to be taken to a specialist hospital for tests to find out exactly what was wrong with him. All the drugs given to them for the normal malaria treatment had not helped at all. Malaria was the normal illness everyone knew. Even slight headache cases always boiled down to malaria treatment. They had spent most of what they were able to save and there was not enough money no money to take Sam to the specialist in the city. Ella tried all she could to get money but she couldn’t get enough to take Sam for proper medical treatment. It was a very very difficult situation for the two people.
There was this neighbor of theirs that used to work in the city, he was very rich. Each December he used to come home for holidays. He would throw parties and things. so fortunately for them he came back that period.
Ella hoped he would help them with some money to complete what she had. When she got to him to ask for assistance the man saw her beauty and everything. Ella was remarkably beautiful. The man could not resist the wave of lust that hit him each time he saw her. He felt his opportunity had finally come. He told her that he was going to help her on the condition that she was going to spend three nights with him before he could give her the money and even more to take care of Sam afterwards.
Ella was really really disturbed. She needed the money very badly to take care of Sam otherwise you he Would die but then she found it very very hard to imagine herself giving her body away just to get money. But having no job she had no way of getting the money on her own.
She angrily left the man and went back home. She tried everyone else she knew, but every door seemed to have closed. Sam’s situation started getting worse his health was depreciating slowly and Ella was watching him die Slowly by the day. When she could not bear it anymore she decided to run to the man for assistance. So she went and spent 3 days with him and got the money and took Sam for treatment.
Luckily for Sam the people at the specialist hospital told her that if they had delayed a few days they would have lost Sam because his situation was getting worse and worse. so after like 5 weeks of treatment and therapy he recovered and came back to his normal self, back from the land of the jinxed.
He began to ask how Ella was able to get money for his treatment and all the things she was buying for him. She could not tell him, instead each time she broke out in tears. He continued to press her to tell him how she managed to get the money for the treatment to no avail, more tears. She became more miserable with each request of his to know the source of the money. one day she called him and said, “you know I love you very much and there is nothing I will not do for you? when I saw you almost dying and everything I started reaching out to all our friends to my parents to everybody I knew but unfortunately none of them could do anything” She broke out in sobs. Gradually she told him about their neighbour. Sam was heartbroken.
By then the neighbour had traveled back to the city because by then the holiday was coming to an end. All holidaying returnees were going back to base to continue the struggle.
The revelation had plunged them into silence. Sam could not talk to her, or even look her in the face. His silence killed her all the more. She also noticed with increasing worries that she missed her period that month. Not long after that she began vomiting. It became obvious to her that she was pregnant. She could not tell Sam, but it wasn’t long before he found out.
Sam loved her so very much, above everything else in life, but he was quite at loss how to deal with the stigma of the double blows hitting him. He knew the girl was not the wayward type, he also knew the reasons and how hard she must have been pushed to take that decision. But why? What if she had let him die? His fury and shame however was much that he could not stand her presence anymore. He began to consider sending her away and getting himself a fresh start. But she was the one he ever loved, the only one that ever showed him genuine love.
What would you advise Sam to do? Be honest, sentiments aside!

Girl Who Cheated to save Fiance gets pregnant, what will you advise?
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