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I have had this on my chest for a long time. It’s about time I let  it out!

I have a heartfelt apology to make to Celine Dion. You may wonder, what on earth for?
It may not seem like much, but I feel it a bad thing to misjudge and even dislike people for no reason, maybe just because of what someone has said or written about them.
Long time ago in my early teens I so disliked her music, never cared to listen, no matter how sweet the rhythm. Never cared to see the person behind the music. For no other reason than that someone said she was Illuminati and that her music was devilish. Kids are the easiest and hardest converts 😂 what they learn and believe at that stage of life moulds them for the kind of life they would turn out to live much later.
I held onto this until one day, much later, that i attended a friend’s mother’s wake keeping, and for the first time, I heard the words, and absorbed the current in her sad and melancholic voice as they played aloud *Goodbyes* I wept.
I began to look for more of her songs, then someone gave me a CD of the movie *Titanic*. It was there she stole my heart.
The years that followed I did an about turn, from a critic to an incurable addict of Celine Dion songs.
I found that each line, each sound, every beat, has a message, that gets deep down to the soul, driven in by her magical voice. Unlike what we see in our modern day artists that many of them enter studio without any music and you have an output of meaningless *yaws and ye-yehs*
I began to cherish Celine Music. I read up her Biography, and after following her on IG for a long time, I felt so guilty for having misjudged her. I know it’s no big deal, but somehow  I feel it a wrong that I have to make right 😂 Some parents, guardians, teachers and friends pass on this stereotype to their children about people and society, without allowing them to freely discover for themselves and judge by their own convictions.
Now I have on my disk nearly 50 Celine Dion tracks from several albums, and I follow every update from her.
From the planning to the release of each new song I follow through, because I want to catch the message behind each song, to feel the strength of each beat and follow the meaning of each raising and lowering of her voice.
COURAGE of late has kept me up many nights reading and watching her updates.
This is a woman, who has held out against the storm, who has forced her stumbling blocks to become stepping stones. Many times I pray for Celine Dion, because i fear that the world may never have a talent and heart like hers ever again.. There’s never been such, I don’t know If there would ever be any after her. I pray that she will live long, and see the smiles and hopes that she has inspired in many hearts broaden, and spread across the divide, to make a happier world. (Music Wise and other wise)
Long live Celine Dion! I may never get to meet you, But I just want you to know, If you ever get to read this, that the messages you have been sending the wind, is actually reaching the heavens (proverbs 😂)

A Special Message to Celine Dion

2 thoughts on “A Special Message to Celine Dion

  • May 18, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    I am so touched by this piece! I do wish there is a way the popular Canadian musician would get to read this.

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