Life and energies
Right from kindergarten we have been taught that all life depend directly or indirectly on the energy we receive from the sun. This energy you will agree is also responsible for the survival of man who found his way to convert it to other types of energies for his own use.
In the paranormals, experts believe that energies, spiritual energies play a vital role in everything that happens, from sexual reproduction to spiritual battles and defences. Each entity, spirit or human has a kind of energy around it. Something they call aura.
Points to consider.
1. Have you noticed (if you’re mentally alert to energy changes) that you have a feeling to check your phone just before it rings out? Or even if you’re sleeping, you feel something and wake up just the instant before the phone gets to ring out?
2. While sleeping You feel the presence of someone/something entering your room, and you wake up to find them there? The presence destabilizes the energy flow around you, and you sense a foreign energy around, just the way you can sense a highly perfumed passerby’s perfume.
3. Have you been around someone and you feel like saying something, and the person suddenly says exactly what you had in mind exactly how you wanted to say it? Experts believe that we are wrapped in a a world of energies in form of waves. Our thoughts could be carried through these energy waves just as we could feel the thought of others too. Have you noticed that when someone is talking to you and looking into your eyes that you could get more facts from them without them verbally disclosing them to you?

4. Have ever on your own started having strange feelings that something is happening somewhere? Then later you find out that things actually happened?

5. Have you ever met some people and felt particularly strange things about them? There are some people that carry some power aura of mystery around them, there are some people too that their presence elicits a high and uncontrolled surge in sexual drive (Possible succubi and Incubi). These aura is wrapped in energies that is transmitted consciously, subconsciously or unconsciouslyby the owner’s will.

There are so many illustrations to bring your mind to take cognizance of these energies.

We’ll talk more about these energies in subsequent series of this topic.
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Energies Series 1: Life and Energies
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