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    If you want to crack the Linkedin code and get multiple Job offers on Linkedin, then you should do the following:

    To get Job offers on Linkedin, you have to show up in Recruiters search results when they are headhunting.
    Headhunting also known as executive search, is the process of finding the best possible candidate for a position.

    In most cases Recruiters use platforms like Linkedin to do to this.

    So how do you make sure they find you when they are headhunting on Linkedin? By using the right keywords!

    For example, if a Recruiter want to fill a Data Scientist role, he/she will use the keyword “Data Scientist” along with other relevant terms like “Big Data” “Machine Learning” “Data mining” to refine his/her search.

    So, how do you know the keywords to use on your profile?

    1. Go to Linkedin and other Job search platforms that you use.

    2. Copy the link of one of the Job openings that you want to apply to.

    3. Paste the link on Chatgpt and type “Tell me the most important keywords for this job”

    4. Do this for multiple job openings and Integrate the generated keywords strategically throughout your LinkedIn profile.

    5. Include them in your headline, summary, job titles, job descriptions, skills section, and any other relevant sections.

    There you go!
    Source: Twitter (Careertrail)

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