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    Hello everyone

    There’s this guy on social media, very passionate about life and hungry for success.

    He has learned a high income skill that could change his financial story for good, but you know how these things goes.

    It’s not the day you learn that you would earn. There’s always a gap between learning and earning.

    And sometimes this gap can take some time to be bridged.

    If you’re not tenacious and meticulous about the implementation process. You could be at one spot for a very long time.

    This was this guy’s story, he has learned a good high income skill, hoping to get a gig that would help his finances.

    Instead of hoping and waiting to get his first gig, he decided to deployed his time serving people his skills for FREE.

    He would reach out to businesses he feels would need his service, and offer it for FREE.

    Sometimes, he would get small thing for his efforts, other times he gets little or nothing, most times all he gets is ‘thank you’.

    When he sees there’s an event popping up somewhere, he would turn up and serve from his heart.

    He would go for paid events, on reaching there, no volunteers, he would volunteer himself to run errands, and ensure things are going well.

    This was his lifestyle, until he became part of the team of a business coach in his city.

    Working with this coach, he served with his heart, no excuses, work ethic was intact, always over delivered on projects he was giving.

    Then one day, this coach decided to give him a shout out. This was how his finances change and he got connected to lots of big shots in his industry.

    Today this guy is doing so well for himself, and he pretty much work with amazing HNIs in his industry.
    Would you say this guy is lucky? Or you would say he created the luck for himself.

    People see the results I have today, and sometimes they’re fast to label me lucky.

    What they don’t know is the little breaks I’ve been getting before the big break came.

    What they don’t see is the work I put in behind the scenes to ensure I create this luck they see.

    No entreprenuer out there is just lucky, they did one or two or all of these four things you’re about to see.

    1. They prepared for the luck they’re enjoying now.

    When preparation meet opportunity at the right time, the onlooker is very fast to shout, “he’s so lucky!”

    When hard work collides with results, the common man is fast at pointing fingers to “Uncle Lucky”

    Folake you want to be lucky in business, right?

    Start preparing for that luck you’ve been praying for.

    2. They have a network of people that exposed them to what a is possible.

    Before you call someone lucky, pause first, you don’t know the calibre of people he or she has access to.

    You don’t know who’s advising him or her.

    3. They lived in certian environments and places that encourage their personal growth and development.

    4. They were at certian events at the right time, heard the right information, and implemented accordingly.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for sharing

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