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    A lot of people around the world today always have this feeling of not being up to standard. You find it difficult to reach a level of productivity like other people around you.

    There was a time when we were asked to accomplish a particular set of tasks in a given time under the same condition. When we finally reached the deadline, over 60% of the people involved in that challenge were unable to complete their tasks while the remaining 40% accomplished their own given tasks.

    I wondered what could have gone wrong because we were given the same set of tasks under the same condition but still some people accomplished theirs while the others did not.

    But one thing I was able to realize is our effectiveness in managing our time. Effective time management helps in increasing your level of productivity. Once you can manage time, you will be able to have organized activities which result in a high level of productivity.

    Most people don’t know how to manage their time and that is why you hear people say that more hours should be added to our already have 24hours which can never be possible. The set of people that you see at the top today used this same 24hours.

    But the most important thing to note is how they scheduled their time and their activities. Effective management of time leads to an increased level of productivity. Note that time is the most precious resource that you cannot take back.

    I will not want you to keep recycling around a particular point when you are not reaching that point where you are meant to be. And this will lead me in sharing some tips on effective time management. These tips will help in boosting your productivity level when you take close note of them.

    I will like to tell you that setting goals cannot be overemphasized because what do you know what to work on or even accomplish when you don’t have it laid down.

    You will never be able to manage your time when you don’t have your goals outlined already. Your day or week may never go completely as planned but with your set goal, you can easily alter what you have for the day and not derail.

    Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

    You set your goals based on their level of importance or their level of urgency. Not that you will not do all that is expected of you but there are different levels of urgency to the things that we have to do.

    Prioritize those things that need urgent attention and from there you move to those other tasks that need your attention too.

    Don’t say because you want to achieve more than before you then overload your planner with a long list of things to do. You may have a lot to do but do yourself the favor of taking these tasks little by little to be able to accomplish more.

    When you bombard yourself with too much work, you might be discouraged seeing the long lists of things you have to do and this will result in you not accomplishing anything. But taking them bit by bit helps you go a long way.

    The fact that you were able to accomplish your laid-down goals for the day means a lot. You have been able to make something out of those tasks you have worked on.

    When you do this, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. This will motivate you to do more and go a long way next time.

    Don’t hesitate to work with these tips and check what the difference will be in your level of productivity now and then.

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