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    Consistency known to a lame man is what?
    When Mr A likes Rice and every day he is always eating Rice despite the situation of the economy,this is known as consistency
    The force at which one does something always is consistency and could be likened to an art because an art requires daily practice leading to perfection.
    A young man who has earned the laughter of many and has been described as a funny guy and advised to go into Comedy. Well this isn’t a surprise to him as he has always made a lot of things and human laughing stock. With this trust from many,he decided to go into production of comic videos with his Android Phone.
    Day one of posting a video on his newly created Facebook Page,he was dumbfounded and at the same time lost. Isn’t this same people that suggested that I’m funny and should go into skit making? Is it that I’m no longer funny? Does being funny appear only just once?. This thoughts and questions were all he could come about.
    He made videos and posted them consecutively for 7 days. The views and performance of this video on his page did not exceed 10. This guy was vexed and annoyed ,he was literally shouting at everyone. To those who told him he is funny,they couldn’t contain his anger. To those who encouraged him in producing skits,he scuffled at all of them.
    He was tired,not having it funny at all,it was as if hell was loosed on him. This was just day 8 of producing skits and he is behaving this way
    He watched a scene in an event where an actor/skit maker narrated how it all began for him,his struggles and everything. It was as the views and engagement this guy is having currently was little or nothing compared to what this guy had in his early days.
    His faith and hope came alive. He believed in the word” little by little,his days would arrive,it might take years, but it would surely come if I maintain what I’m doing”.
    He went back to what he knows best,”comedy”,he made a lot of videos,he watched videos as well on ‘ how to up his game’. He followed the steps bit by bit. Years passed,his videos were still counting in the 4,5,6,7 views and engagements,he was tired but kept on pushing regardless.
    He produced this video some faithful day and was not keen on producing it due to reasons known to him. However he decided to just post even though his engagement will not exceed the 10 bar. The engagement on that video skyrocketed,gained surmounting views heading to a million. He gained skits making materials as gift, endorsement deals and a few cash to commensurate with. From there,the narratives changed for him. It didn’t change because he was not doing something,No. It changed because what he knows best,he continued doing even with the poor engagements reactions he usually gain.
    This should be studied as an art because it was continuous, never stoping.
    We are all in whatever phase, we are doing lots and not seeing the results yet. Just keep on pushing. “Little by little”, as the skit maker heard from the scene he watched that changed his life. I’m passing this gospel to us now and everyday,Keep on Pushing. It’s only Consistency and when we are doing it right that will take us to wherever we want to .
    Keep on pushing regardless 🚀

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    This is very enlightening

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    Consistency is one of those things that transforms small boys to men

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