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    I’m human and I have emotions.

    I feel something but I’m just so bad at expressing myself.

    Things happen to me and it needs me voicing out but it is one of those things I’m bad at.

    Not that I cannot talk but expressing myself is one of the hardest things I cannot do. Not that I don’t have the proficiency to but because I just don’t know how to or it is just something I never wanted to do.

    I never knew how to relate the way I feel or what happens to me to people. Everything that happens to me and that is happening will be only known to me because expressing myself was just very difficult for me. It is one of my weaknesses and it took me a long while before I could outgrow it.

    Regardless of it all, there is still that one thing that I always want to relate to because that was the only way I could communicate how I feel and the things that are happening to me. It always looks like that’s where my strength lies.

    My pen is all I have. It is one thing I can relate things to. I can say my pen understands how I feel every single time I get hold of it.

    Every time I need to pour out the way I feel, my pen dances furiously on the surface of a white piece where everything I am supposed to be saying to someone else will be communicated with ease without the fear of my words getting out.

    I was always scared of my words getting out to the ears of my adversaries. That is the reason why I find solace in communicating everything by writing them down with the use of my pen.

    I did not overcome this weakness until I decided within myself to overcome it. It was a serious war in my mind at that moment because I wasn’t sure of the step I wanted to take. Sometimes I desperately feel the need to talk to someone but some other times I just don’t want to talk to anybody.

    I am an overcomer at last but it took me a while with a lot of determination to overcome my weakness.

    Alot of determination and consistency will go a very long way in achieving your goals. Those things you think you cannot do can be possible once you are determined to.

    Stay positive and be determined to make a change today.

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