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    The day you start implementing every detail you’ve learned or heard, you discovered online money-making is not as easy as it sounds.

    Especially as a beginner.

    Someone who has been in the system for a long can make 1 million in one month because they’ve built their audience, and set up their strategies….

    It is very to say, you can make ₦500k to ₦1M in one week or month.

    But when you start to implement, you discover it might take you up to 1year to start seeing ₦200k 😂

    If it’s that easy, everyone would be rich.

    Forget marketing hype.

    I can tell you for a fact, there is money online but not too easy to get.

    There is no money tree here.

    Keep implementing every good strategy you’ve learned, one day the results will click.

    Be consistent in doing the right thing, try different things, and keep pushing.

    It might take you up to 6 months to make huge money from e-commerce with the surge in delivery and customers.

    It took many almost a year to make significant money in web design.

    Things are better now because they now understand how online money-making works.

    Many have put in underground work and it’s giving them massive results.

    It takes time to build

    From me to you ❤️

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    Consistency is paramount as well

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    The big figures might not be actualised in the first few months or years but continue. Don’t stop

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