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    Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come to ~ Dwayne Johnson

    With a consistent journey, you will not only achieve your goal in time but exhibit excellence at the end of the journey. The determination to accomplish one’s laid down goals is the driving force that keeps you consistent.

    The journey of consistency employs a positive mindset and willpower. Consistency must be exhibited in the journey of one’s life because it helps in achieving your present and lifetime goals.

    A change in thinking is required in the journey of consistency. It helps to keep you confident and efficient throughout the whole process.

    Also, these few guidelines can be of help in the journey.

    In my previous publication, I talked about the great importance of setting goals. Your laid-down goal is like a navigator which easily helps you to navigate to what you are expected to do.

    Your schedule helps in effective time management. It helps to tell you what you are committed to and what you are not committed to.

    Sometimes it is very easy to forget our unusual goals, unusual habits to be formed, and unusual commitments. But a reminder goes a long way in bringing you back to that consciousness.

    Don’t forget or hesitate to reward yourself when you get something done
    To be able to maintain consistency you must not be weighed down by the mistakes you make. There is no success story without failure. So get things going even when you already made a mistake.

    But don’t hesitate to take note of the errors you make and act towards it preventing them from repeating themselves. This way you will be able to keep at your already laid down goals.

    Also, your mindset and thinking go a very long way. Don’t ever think that you cannot do it but see yourself thriving in those things that seem difficult.

    Furthermore, hold yourself accountable for whatever happens during your journey of being consistent. You can easily identify if you have attained the standards of your laid down goals.

    Lastly, ensure to keep yourself recharged. Always endeavor to have adequate rest. This will keep you alive for the tasks that you have ahead.

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