Are Mermaids Real?

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    I had an experience that I could never forget in my life.
    I traveled for a holiday to one of the popular Islands in Florida. The first day I went out and had a lot of fun with all the views and the kind people I met.
    The night after I had a dream where I went back to the beach. I had this feeling that I was there on someone’s request, like I was waiting for someone.
    Then somehow, something in the woods attracted my attention, everything there suddenly stood still. Nothing even sound. If someone dropped a pin the sound could be heard meters away. A cold shiver ran down my spine and part of me trembled. That was really weird.
    Just then she stepped out into the open, as if from behind an invisible curtain. A blonde with the longest hair I had ever seen came out from the woods opposite me. Her presence seemed to swallow the whole environment.
    She had her eyes on me.
    Her mere presence had subdued even the movements and sounds of nature. What would be my fate?
    Then she began to move towards me, more like she floated towards me in a kind of slow motion.
    Just a few yards away from me she stopped and smiled. Just then, the whole place came back to life. Birds began to sing and trees resumed their dances.
    I was motionless and awestruck by the kind of beauty that this lady (or was that a creature from another planet?) was dripping of.
    Then she opened her mouth and I heard my name in my head, in the most palatable voice that I had ever heard or imagined.
    I cannot remember how long I spent there, because time seemed not to matter anymore, her presence put everything else into insignificance. I remember that I warmed up to her and before long we were seated, immersed in her charm, and in each other.

    I woke up wishing I could go back to the dream.

    The following day I headed out to the beach and wandered all over the place especially the place where we met.
    Strangely, when I got to the the point where she had stood, where we had stayed, I had this tingling feeling at the back of my neck. I felt as if someone was watching me, someone close.
    The days that followed I saw her every night in my dream.

    Then the last day before my holiday was over, strange things happened.
    She spoke to me, words I could never forget.
    She had laid her soft and cold hands on my chest. “I have loved no other like this before you” Then I saw something like a drop of tear leave her cheeks and fall to the ground. As it landed a strangely colored rose flower bloomed there.
    “I shall never love like this again!” she sobbed the words out. and then she reached out and kissed me on the lips.
    I was too shocked to react or do anything.
    Then she got up and mixed with the air, and was there no more.
    At the instant where she vanished her voice echoed in my head “I have chosen you, and I will be with you always!”

    Since then my life has not been the same.
    I continued to have strange encounters in my dreams and in real life, even after I had left town.
    My question now is, could this be a mermaid obsession? and are mermaids real?
    I’m scared already as this lady has continued to appear in my dreams and carry me back to that beach. Now it has come to the point where I see myself doing intimate things with her in my dreams, out of my control.

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    Ikenna dike
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    I think they are. There are different beings on this planet earth. Spirits of all sorts roam the earth in different forms , even in human forms. People should have their eyes open.

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