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Mysterious incident with a cat and a girl I was crushing on

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    I have this girl in my neighborhood that I have been crushing on for over a year now since I moved in. The girl too did not hide the fact that she was into me. She expressed it very boldly at every opportunity.
    Now we have some people in the estate that have cats and once in a while I would wake up to the sound of one meowing close to my window.
    One day she sneaked out of her evening duty to see me. We both sat at my verandah and had a long intimate chat. The discussion was switching forth and back from very naughty (the bf and gf type) to normal.
    We continued later that night on WhatsApp.

    The following morning I woke up to see a cat’s dropping at my door, at the very spot, the very spot where she had sat!
    I was shaken to my marrows.
    Since almost a year that I have lived here, cats have been coming around and making noises and all that, but this sort of thing has never happened.
    I don’t know how to interpret it, but it got me really scared, even as I write, I still feel cold chills down my spine.
    This is certainly not normal.
    What could it mean about her personality? is she a spirit girl or something?
    I am quite confused as she has been asking why I am keeping away from her.

    Norris Parker

    This is really weird, a very different kind of weird.
    It depends on what you believe in, to me it looks too weird a coincidence.

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