Must i have sex with my bf to prove i love him?

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    Hello all
    I came across this page today. Was impressed with the way issues are treated.
    I have a problem that has been bothering me, and i want to share it, maybe i might get some good advice.
    My boyfriend of 5 months now, has been everything i would ever ask for in a man. He’s 25 and i’ll turn 19 this year. When we met he agreed we could keep off sex until we’re both sure we want it.
    Recently he’s started demanding for sex, and when i try to protest he would complain that he’s not very sure if i love him. This has happened repeatedly. I really love this guy, but I’m not ready for sex yet. How do i prove my love without giving in?

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    Of course not! A man who claims to love you should be able to accept your person. If you guys had agreed not to have sex until you both are ready why would he not wait for you to be ready?
    Anyway, the right thing to do is, try explain to him that you love him, and he should give you time. Try point out useful activities two of you could engage in together. This will give you time to know him more, and help you decide if you would really want to commit yourself.
    Good luck

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    you must not have sex to prove your love, True love speaks for itself, you don’t need to prove it

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