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Tight corner

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    Gad Harr
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    Hello groupies,
    This is the moment, to tell that story,
    – a story that defines a major tight corner (or turning point) in your life and how you got breakthrough
    There is a prize for the best rated (story with the highest likes) by 30th of June, 2022.
    Take your time, think and pour out your heart on this page.
    Many people have been reached out to by companies for writing contracts, just from simple contests like this.

    What to do
    1. sign up here (if you’re not already a member), don’t worry you can use your Facebook account to join in one click.
    2. Navigate to this page
    3. paste your story as response
    4. wait for the audience to decide.
    5. Feel free to share the link to your story with your friends, let them see the creative you, someone among them may recommend you somewhere, someday.
    Put in your very best, and may your imagination guide you.

    $10 to the winner, a little token to the second and third person.
    1. Your story has to be yours, it’ll be tested against our plagiarism software and defaulting submissions will be disqualified.
    2. The votes cannot be rigged, each voter (visitor or logged in member) can vote only once.

    Good luck.

    Rank: General

    Thanks for assisting to post this sir.

    Diana chloe
    Rank: Gallant Sojourner

    I think this is a great idea. I might have a gift for the winner as well 😊

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