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Dream in another dream: a touching experience

Can you dream inside another dream? Is it possible to dream inside of another dream? Of course it is! Dreaming is a way we communicate with the depths of existence, and you must know that there are different levels and

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8 signs of a psychic vampire

Have you got that friend or acquaintance that whenever you’re around or in touch with them you feel a huge drain on your energy? Do you have someone that always leaves you low and at your worst each time you

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Energies Series 1: Life and Energies

Life and energies Right from kindergarten we have been taught that all life depend directly or indirectly on the energy we receive from the sun. This energy you will agree is also responsible for the survival of man who found

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Do Succubi really exist?

Succubus, was first used in the late 14th century to refer to  a sexual demon in the form of  a female that appears to males in dreams, trances and other conditions, and induces sexual acts with them while drawing energy from

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Signs of an imminent Succubus/Incubus attack

You may have heard of or even suffered from a succubus/incubus attack before. These spirits have been known since time immemorial for attacking their victims and absorbing their live energy while getting them sexually aroused. There have been many theories

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