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QuestionsCategory: datingMy Boyfriend Impregnated my best friend, should i dump him?
Bola asked 6 months ago
Hello all
This new year has been one of a kind for me. On 5th January i resumed school,(300 level engineering). I had called my boyfriend whom i have been with since my 100 level, and was so full of joy when he said he would be coming back the next day. I loved this guy, and believed that he loved me the same.To cut the story short, that very weekend i found out my best friend was pregnant and she would not tell me who was responsible no matter how i pressured her.Then my boyfriend suddenly became depressed, and so down that he was just a leftover sack of his old self. He would nit say what was happening to him.Then one day while helping him fix whatsapp issue on his phone i stumbled on a text that broke my heart. My best friend was texting to ask for cash for antenatal!My heart broke. I have not talked to either of them for weeks now. My boyfriend is so ashamed he hardly ever allows our paths to cross. I loved him so much, so very much. We passed through a lot together.What do i do?

3 Answers
Heather Wright answered 6 months ago
It’s quite sad. In high school then my boyfriend dumped me for my own best friend. 
There’s nothing more to it than for you to put it all behind you and keep moving on with your life.

llevfighperti answered 6 months ago
It happens sometimes. But that’s just one of those things that happen. If you want the best for yourself get over it and focus on getting the best result in school, get a good life and you have the last laugh!

Kirsten Smith answered 6 months ago
Just forget it and get on with your life. You should be glad he’s just your boyfriend not husband. Force yourself up on your feet and move on. He surely doesn’t deserve you!

My Boyfriend Impregnated my best friend, should i dump him?