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My Boyfriend Impregnated my best friend, should i dump him?
AnsweredKirsten Smith answered 10 months ago • , ,
499 views3 answers1 votes
Girlfriend stopped picking my calls, are we over?
OpenMike Oladimeji asked 12 months ago • , ,
252 views0 answers0 votes
Why do people double-date?
OpenLeslie Wilderman asked 1 year ago • 
361 views0 answers1 votes
Can you Date the same Woman Twice?
AnsweredLeslie Wilderman answered 1 year ago • 
312 views1 answers0 votes
Must i have sex with my bf to prove i love him?
AnsweredPamella Bonano answered 1 year ago • 
434 views1 answers1 votes
Is it wrong for a girl to first say hi?
AnsweredPamella Bonano answered 1 year ago • 
393 views1 answers0 votes
My boss is interested in my girlfriend!
AnsweredIkenna dike answered 1 year ago • 
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Bf dumped me after 4 years, but i still love him
OpenEvelyn K.D asked 2 years ago • , , ,
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How to deal with a snoopy boyfriend?
AnsweredNaomie Barrows answered 2 years ago • ,
325 views1 answers1 votes
Girlfriend is 3 years older, should i continue?
AnsweredDiana answered 2 years ago • 
263 views1 answers1 votes

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