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QuestionsCategory: RelationshipsMy boss is interested in my girlfriend!
Worried Soul asked 1 year ago
I’m in a kinda dilemma. 
My boss attended my birthday party last month. He has been very nice to me, and is the reason I’m where i am today.
Days after the party he called me to his office for our normal friendly chats, to tell me that he has fallen in love with a girl he met at my party. I felt happy for him, and even congratulated him. 
I got the shock of my life days later when i overheard him on the phone mentioning my gf’s name. I dismissed it that she is not the only one bearing the name.
last week a friend of mine told me he noticed a guy frequenting my gf’s office. 
Now out of curiosity i had to check her phone records and i found that they both exchange calls on almost an hourly basis.
I’m fed up. I don’t know what to do. I love the girl, and my boss has been more like a pillar to me. What do i do??

4 Answers
Diana answered 1 year ago
That’s quite an experience. I’m not a guy but i understand what you’re going through. I know you’re trying to avoid direct confrontation with your boss, but it’s something you must do if you really want this girl. There must be a way to let him know in a friendly way, that the girl he’s choking on is already someone else’s.
Another thing you must do before you meet your boss is to confront your girlfriend. To avoid fighting a lost battle. You have to know where she belongs. some girls may consider it safe to keep “harmless” friendships. If this is the case then let her find a way to introduce you to your boss as her boyfriend.
If however she’s going with the boss you’ll be saving yourself a lot of lost battles.
Good luck.

Osborne Denesik answered 1 year ago
It’s quite sad, but some women can never be trusted to keep to one guy at a time. Even most counsellors now advise people to always “keep other friendships”
I believe this girl is just doing that. But what if the boss should get serious? How would she choose without breaking someone’s heart?
Bro what you gotta do is sit your gf down and talk sense into her. If she feels you’re not enough for her, then clear out and find someone to whom you’ll be sufficient!

Heather Wright answered 1 year ago
I don’t blame the girl.much. Would you swear you don’t have other girls you are close friends with? It all depends on how close you guys are, and how serious you have been with her. What’s the trust level?

Ikenna dike answered 1 year ago
Just let the girl be. There are thousands of girls out there. 

My boss is interested in my girlfriend!