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How to deal with hateful parents?

last updated by odion 1 year, 2 months ago
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    A friend sent me this request on twitter. She has grown to believe that her parents hate her, and is even contemplating on disowning her. I haven’t heard from her parents’ side of the story, but it seems a bit gross to mete out such treatments as she reports to me.
    I’ve given her the little advice in my thinking cap, would appreciate if someone else can add something to help her. Will be sharing this link to her twitter.

    Ikenna dike
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    There are actually cases where one or two things cause parents to hate their child. It could range from disagreement over career, relationships; to very minor things. Some parents are that rigid that they would want to shape every step of their kid’s life, and when the kid tries to resist, it becomes war.
    For the issue at hand, i think the girl should get some people that her parents respect to talk to them. Peradventure, they may have a change of heart..

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    I agree Dike. No matter how you try, it is hard to love all your children the same way.

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