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    Motivation can help or make you get started.⁣

    But it won’t keep you going.⁣

    If you look around your life.⁣

    You’ll discover you started many things because you’re motivated.⁣

    And some of these things can change your life for good. But looking back now you’ve given up on those things completely.⁣

    Do you want to know what you lack?⁣

    You start and don’t finish.⁣

    It’s because you lack discipline.⁣

    Discipline is what keep you going through the tough and bad times.⁣

    Discipline helps you to carry out your responsibility on time.⁣

    So you must find a way to instill discipline in your work, business, and career path. Because that’s the only thing that’ll keep you going.⁣

    Discipline is when you have to do what you ought to do even if you don’t feel like doing it.⁣

    You start a business because you’re broke. That’s motivation.⁣

    After making some money from your business it’s discipline that’ll keep you going. ⁣

    Because the reason you started will not sustain you when you start having results.⁣

    You must know this as an entrepreneur.⁣

    That’s why people started having a sense of arrival after making 10 million and from that moment they started depreciating because they no longer put in the work that is required of them.⁣

    From today. Become disciplined about every aspect of your life and I can guarantee you to see 100x grow in all areas.⁣

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    This does not dispute the fact that motivation is not good

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    Discipline tend to keep us going

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