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    There’s this guy on this sosha medium, he’s very great at information marketing.

    When he started doing information marketing, I was still in ESUT, yesssss, the guy is that old when it comes to the business.

    He could pass as the second generation of information marketers we have in Nigeria.

    Second generation, because they have an Oga.

    Him and his colleagues were the ones that made information marketing very popular.

    They started doing information marketing before it got to the mainstream here in Nigeria.

    They were the ones that taught most of this new generation info marketers now.

    In their days, social media wasn’t a thing.

    They used to place their adverts on blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

    It wasn’t easy though, but they stooped to conquer. Now they are recognised as the FATHERS of the INDUSTRY.

    They DOMINATED the industry and gave room for others to come in.

    One of them saw an opportunity in a fresh industry!!!

    The industry existed, but it was done in an analog way.

    So he was the FIRST to introduce the digital version of the business. Because he was the first, this blew him up!!!

    He came first and Dominated the industry before people’s eyes began to open.

    Till date, he’s still recognized as the father of that industry here in Nigeria.

    That’s not all…

    Netflix did the same thing with movies.

    They first operated as a DVD-by-mail rental service.

    Customers could browse and select movies and TV shows from an extensive catalogue on the Netflix website, and DVDs would be delivered to their homes via mail.

    After a while, they saw the future, and decided to position for the future.

    They were the FIRST to start the digital streaming service, allowing subscribers to access a vast library of content instantly over the internet.

    They also went ahead to start producing original content. Remember that political drama series that broke the internet in 2013, “House of Cards”, yess, it was their first major hit.

    Today Netflix is the father of digital streaming. Yes, they have strong competitors, but they have over 200 million subscribers globally.

    They have firmly established themselves as the dominant force in the streaming industry.

    It’s first come, first served!!!

    How did these guys dominate their niche?

    They were the first in that niche, that’s why they were able to hold so much dominance.
    You might not have the luxury of being a first mover in your industry.

    But you can create a sub niche for yourself in that industry.

    So everyone in your industry is doing corporate law, you can carve a niche for yourself by being a corporate lawyer for tech startups.

    So everyone in your industry is selling female shoes, you can create a niche for yourself by focusing on selling shoes to females with BIG FEET.

    The RICHES are in the NICHES!!!

    The easiest and fastest way to dominate your niche is to create a sub niche for yourself and STAY THERE.

    Soon you will become a FORCE that people will reckon with.

    Thank You!!!

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Really awesome

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