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    Good morning all
    How’s it going?

    I want y’all to please follow up on what I want to share now.
    So yesterday was slated for ACC 231 quiz for my department. I already prepared,burned the midnight candles because I literally read from 2am till the sun sets and practiced all question relating to the topics which he took us
    Everyone knows this lecturers as one that doesn’t take nonsense. He already sets his standard which includes: no late coming, checking of everyone’s note to know his students… and to crown it all he shouts a lot
    I already told myself that I wouldn’t want to be under pressure to write this quiz as I already know my aims for this semester.
    Me and my friends sat together in the same seat. The lecturer came into the class and the first thing which he successfully do was to instill pressure on everyone. He locked the back door of the class first because students are not allowed to pass through the front door when the lecturer is in class and the only way for them to enter the class which is the back door has already been closed. Afterward what he did next was checking everyone’s note. He sent many out .The others who came late were told not to enter the hall and stay outside. Practically he successfully instilled pressure in me. I just had to talk to God for some seconds.
    He started calling the question. I was already fazed out because this question does not relate to what he gave us as examples, does not relate to the questions I solved as practice. The question was totally different.
    I began solving from the beginning which I know . I got to a point,my memory blanked out. I try to check my friends note and the situation was the same for them.
    The next thing we heard from the lecturer was “PENS UP” and his law states that”The moment he says pens up,no one is authorized to write and when caught,he tears your book notwithstanding what you wrote already”. I tried to write something even if I don’t know what I would be writing as accounting does not mark final answers but the steps and procedures.
    I literally wrote little or nothing on my paper.
    We all left the hall devastated.
    I was just sad, unhappy and angry.
    I knew what my plans were for this semester for all courses and this quiz was about deterring those aims
    The semester has already been choking me already. I was already tired beforehand.
    Giving up were all written over my face.
    I was already thinking of some texts to my parents because I share most things with them.
    My friends saw my unhappy countenance and gave me some words of encouragement even though they are among those who didn’t write anything as well.
    Their words framed together made me come alive. I said to myself “isn’t it just some marks, since it’s not the full mark I lost,my hopes should come alive as there’s still exam ahead of me”.
    My normal self was restored and the thoughts of sending those texts to my parents dashed out.
    I want to encourage everyone here,no matter the challenge (s),no matter what lies ahead of you. Whatsoever you are facing :in taking a course(your challenge might be data{since you have challenge in data to take this course, while not take up night plans to take that online course},it might be the fee (there a lot of free online courses that you can take,YouTube is also there for you and as you advance you can take up the paid version). You might be struggling in this present economy in our nation. You can decide to cut down cost. You don’t need to purchase things that are not needed.
    I’m sending hope,light and love to everyone with one challenge here and there,giving up should never be an option.
    We would overcome at the end

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    I enjoyed the write up

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    Giving up should not be considered

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