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    A lot of us are working on being the best at what we are doing, or probably just even being the best version of ourselves. You put in the required efforts but you are not getting the results that you want.

    According to Scott Adams in his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and still win Big, it was said that “if you do something every day, it’s a system. If you’re waiting to achieve it someday in the future, it’s a goal”.

    I know we all have our set goals which are our main focus on becoming what we want to be, but why don’t we shift our focus from those set goals and move it to the systems in achieving these goals?

    The difference between two people that sets the same goal to be achieved but one ending up achieving that goal is that one focused on the goal while the other focused on the system to achieve that set goal.

    All athletes will always set goals to win the gold medal on the day of their finals, but it’s not everyone that gets the gold medal. It is just one person that gets the gold medal at the end of the day.

    They all had the same goal, but the one who won focused more on the system to achieve that goal. The number of times he/she has to practice, the kind of food to avoid, and the best ways to make sure his/her body is physically fit.

    Goals are a set of things a person or group of people intend to achieve. While systems are the processes put in place to achieve the laid down goals.

    The indication of goals is usually towards the future while systems tell you what you need to do every day to achieve that goal.

    A system is needed to be designed for every set goal to be able to achieve them. Focus more on the system and put less focus on your goals.

    Goals are not completely useless, but systems are better. It helps you to have a direction for what you want for yourself, and also helps you to make your own decision from all the information you have acquired.

    Goals only indicate what you need to do, and not how and when to do it. And that is why the system is highly essential.

    Our system helps to conserve self-control which helps us to fight against temptations that can hinder us from achieving our goals.

    Decide on what you want to achieve today, design a system that will help you achieve that goal, and constantly review your systems and see how far you have come.

    I’m sure this might not be one of those things you have been hearing for a while now. It is always about goal setting, but now it is about the system to achieve these goals.

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