How To Apply for Scholarships In Europe and USA

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    I know most of us find it so hard to come up with an application for postgraduate studies abroad. Some of us are stuck for lack of template for academic CV, SOP or other required documents.

    The article below was shared on Linkedin and I feel *it is going to be very helpful to anyone seeking to apply for scholarships for further studies abroad.


    Kindly DO THIS if you are looking for Fully funded scholarship for 2024/2025 intake in Europe and USA.

    Gather the listed documents now, Put it in a file and wait for Application.

    1: Degree Certificate and Transcript

    2: International Passport

    3: IELTS/Letter of Proficiency

    4: Academic CV. Use this format

    5: Recommendation letter (this might come in during application. don’t use a generic one)

    6: Motivation letter/SOP (this website contains 2000+ motivation letter for ALL courses)

    7: Research Proposal for Masters:
    What are you going to research and why?
    What is the current state of research on that topic?
    How you are going to conduct your research?
    What findings you expect and how your research adds to the existent body of knowledge?

    8: Publications: This is very very important especially those with low GPA. If you can’t publish one yourself, if you cannot write an article, FIND SOMEONE THAT CAN WRITE AND CO-AUTHOR WITH THEM . yes you can do it like that. You can be involved in Searching for literatures/ You can be involved in writing the analysis or data collection. At the end of the day, your name will go down as a co-author. This gives you opportunity to learn and also opportunity to get closer to your dream..
    How to increase your chances of getting a scholarship by 2024, Please please look into these.

    1: For USA universities, Apply Early, if position 1st week of admission application, that means you already done your research and decided on the universities.

    2: For Masters and PHD(USA):Get a Professor/Supervisor. Go to your course page look for the lecturers in charge of your department. you will always see their specialization written under their name, check for the one that fits your research plan , reach out to them via cold email. Make sure you do a proper research on the supervisor. When sending the mail, please attach your well written Motivation Letter, CV, if possible Research Proposal. IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE AS MANY SCHOOL AS POSSIBLE AND SEND TO AS MANY SUPERVISORS IN DIFF SCHOOLS, because only one might risky. and you need to start sending the cold email from now because FUNDING PRIORITY ADMISSION IS SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER . so you don’t want to miss the first deadline.

    3: If you have low GPA or even if you don’t: Please do online courses that relates with your future course. Learn software tools that you are supposed to learn in your future course. it will give you an edge.

    4: Please please join a voluntary organization. esp one that relates to your future course/ if none, then join anyone with Online presence and one that works towards any SDG goals.

    5: Get Necessary tests like: SAT for undergraduate, GMAT/GRE, IELTS. Even though it might not be required, but these tests might give you a huge edge.

    Cc. Cherry Christy

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