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    What is journaling?
    Journaling is a way of expressing your thoughts and ideas . It is a way of putting your mind in order . Journaling leads to a better thinking and improves your learning capability . There is a reason why when you take time to open your thoughts, plans and experiences, you remember them better while also feeling focused .

    I remember the first time I started journaling, I was going through a rough patch then , and I started writing down how I felt and how I can be better in a book , I didn’t even know I was journaling, (( don’t get me wrong it’s not a diary) , when I want to start something new , I write it down . When I have ideas I don’t want to forget , I write it down . I came across a YouTube video that was explaining what journalling was ,then I realized I was journaling. Everytime I journal and I pray afterwards, I feel better and at peace . In summary, journaling made my life better .

    Importance of journaling
    1. It helps to learn who we are and identify what we need.
    2. It inspires creativity .
    3. It helps your mental state of mind .
    4. It sharpens your memory .
    5. It helps you track your progress,makes you know how far you have gone and how much more you still need to know .
    6. It boost emotional intelligence, and encourages self confidence .
    7. It helps in achieving goals .

    Journalling Apps
    1. Day one (android and iOS ).
    2. 5 minutes journal(android and iOS).
    3. Daylio (android and iOS).
    4. Memento (iOS only ).
    5. Daily Bean (android and iOS).

    Journalling prompts
    1. Gratitude journalling: you can write things you are grateful for , a person you are thankful for ,things you prayed for and God answered .
    2. Mindfulness journalling: you can write down a moment when you felt truly at peace , a moment when you needed to be left alone and meditate, times when you felt overwhelmed also .
    3. Self discovery and career development: you can write down what you have learnt from a decision that you regret making , a talent or skill you will like to develop , a goal you have for the future and steps you will take to make it possible .
    4. Health and wellness journalling: you can write down what you want to do to improve your health, the kind of food you eat and how it has benefited you , the exercise you need to do and a timetable or plan to archive it .

    You can also have a To-do list journal,yearly planner , daily planner , weekly planner. They will help in archiving goals and dreams. Don’t forget to write down any idea and drops in your mind , it is very important.

    Journalling, a journey of self reflection.✍️

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