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    Oya let’s see the gist for the morning.

    Tokunbo is a strategist extraordinaire, omo if you sit with Tokunbo for 30 mins your business will never remain the same.

    Tokunbo is so knowledgeable ehhnn, he doesn’t just have knowledge, he has experience, he has been doing this strategy thing for the past two decades…

    He doesn’t just have experience, he also has the required certifications that’s needed in his field.

    Tokinbo is not an audio expert, unlike those Gen Zs who just attended a WhatsApp class for two weeks and they are now calling themselves experts.

    Because you bought a marketing course for 40k doesn’t make you a marketing expert, more is required to become an expert than just buying a course from coursera.

    Omo, yeye dey smell, for 2500 sales webinar wey Titilayo attend she don add Sales Guru for her bio, Titi no be so ooo.

    But this isn’t the case of Tokunbo, the guy hold him side, talk of expertise Toku Bobo dey, talk of experience Toku Bobo dey, talk of knowledge this guy dey, but my only issue is…

    Toku Bobo is hiding this value he carries, I don talk tire, be serious with social media this man no gree, start showing up with quality content, wahala.

    Some of you are like Tokunbo, you are the REAL experts, you have the experience, you have the knowledge, you have the content, you have the value, but you just decided to hide this amazing value.

    If you’re reading this, and you’re on this table.

    I put it to you, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    How can you light a candle and put it under a table?

    How can you turn on the light in your room, and you carry a dark cloth to cover it?

    How can you be this good, and you’re hiding in the shadow of your excuses.

    STOP IT!!!!

    Don’t be like Toku Bobo, if you have lit a candle, put it on a lampstand for it to glow.

    You’re the light of the world, you’re the salt of the earth. DON’T DIE A POTENTIAL.

    Here are three things that would happen to you when you decide to shine your light…..

    ● You Will Become Influential:

    You are a potential influencer, but your followers are like where two or three are gathered because you have hidden your value.

    Sis, you don’t wanna know who your message can bring healing to.

    Brotherly, start sharing your message, influence is what follows when you keep doing the Lord’s work.

    ● Your Will Become Impactful:

    Sometimes I pause and ponder, what if I hadn’t showed up on this space, what will become of the businesses that have been impacted by my knowledge.

    Omo, stop sleeping on a bicycle, your world needs you right now. They need to hear your message so their lives and businesses can be transformed.

    Toku, you’ll have an impact when you stop hiding your message.

    ● You Will Have Streams Of Income:

    I don’t need to explain this one, you know what I mean…

    Toku Bobo, if you show up with your message, you will have INFLUENCE, IMPACT, & INCOME.

    Thank You!!!

    Rank: Newbie

    I should stop hiding in the shadow of my excuses

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