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    There’s this brand I really like how they distribute their products
    They’ve been very intentional and consistent in the distribution of their products across the world.

    No matter how skilled or smart their competitors may be, they are still struggling to compete with the mind share this brand has.

    Talk about Coca Cola, no matter how BIGI or any similar brand screams their marketing, they can’t easily dethrone Coca Cola from their place in the market.

    Yes they have the advantage because they were the first movers, we aren’t arguing that with them, it’s their place they should enjoy it.

    However, despite being first movers, the way they distribute their ad content needs to be studied.

    Their emotional campaign and aggressive approach to marketing is out of this world.

    Sometimes I wonder why they still market despite having all this mind and market share in the industry.

    I realised one thing, you can never be too BIG to market your business.

    Here are 20 channels you can use to market your business for more sales and visibility.

    1. Leverage video marketing on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

    2. Leverage seo to improve your organic visibility on search engines.

    3. Leverage pay-per-click advertising on search engines (e.g: google ads).

    4. Get serious with relevant influencers in your industry, pay them and use them.

    5. Why not try online forums and communities related to your industry.

    6. Did I hear you say email marketing is dead? You don’t wanna know how effective it is.

    7. Can you guest post on different industry related blogs? Why sleep on the traffic these bloggers have?

    8. Do not snooze on conferences and events, they are an avenue to market your business.

    9. Webinars can make you RICH if only you know how to use them.

    10. Have you tried using some PR techniques to enhance your business visibility?

    11. How about you start an affiliate program within your business.

    12. Collaborate with complimentary businesses for cross promotion.

    13. Can you leverage podcasters with a large audience to market your business?

    14. Can you get distributors to help you take your products to the ends of the earth?

    15. You can also try direct mail campaigns, oyibo people call it outbound marketing.

    16. User generated content campaigns, encouraging customers to create and share content related to your brand.

    17. Have you tried street marketing or guerilla marketing campaigns?

    18. Don’t forget Meta ads platforms. They still have some traffic to send your way.

    19. Do not sleep on trade fairs. They are very powerful and good for you.

    20. How about you look for Influencers with a large email list, one mail can set your business ablaze.

    There are more, go and do your research to get more channels.

    When you do go big on them and make more money for yourself.


    If you go mad with your marketing, you’ll make mad money!

    Thank You!

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    Channelling your products to various means and platform would help bring visibility to your business

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    Sales are likely not to be made until there’s visibility

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    Business should not downplay the importance of marketing

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