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Why is our generation so confused?

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    We are in a very desperate and dangerously confused generation. All the legacies of our parents and forebears are gradually dying away.
    I see some people that they are actually creative, but inferiority complex is not letting them explore their potentials.
    Some people cannot even sit down to think for 30 minutes. Our society is losing that power to think. We are more of a copying generation now. Once someone does something, others will want to copy it.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you were able to sit down and think and meditate for 10 minutes straight? It seems we have been disconnected in a kind of way from the source of life,

    Hilda started the idea of marathon cooking, suddenly everyone wants to start cooking.

    Once someone releases a song and it hits, everyone starts rushing to the studio. People are rushing into things that are not in their destinies because they don’t want to think and create.
    Some people even when they manage to get something started, once they hear that another line of business is booming, they dump all their hard work and fly into areas that are neither in their destinies or calling.

    That is one of the major reasons that businesses fail these days, because there is no foundation, inspiration is zero.
    Today everyone wants to be making skits and twerking and dancing half-clad on social media, while their original talents are dying slowly. Our fathers will be so shocked to see what we have become. How did we even get here? when will this all end?

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    This is deep.. I have had this thought going on in my head for long. We now eat chicken food and now reason and adopt the character of chicken.

    The thought overwhelms me that something is very wrong somewhere in the affairs of men.

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    I am very surprised, I thought I was the only one worried about this. As a person I know what I see. The person that used to be me is gradually changing to something that I do not understand anymore. Sometimes I try to think and meditate, but then my mind suddenly goes numb, as if the switch had just been unplugged.

    These days I try to stay off social media and read more to find myself again.

    I pray we all find redemption someday

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