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  • This season, there will be a lot of half-loves, you will have a lot of people that you doubt their loyalty. There will be betrayals too. But in all of these, you will meet some of your most loyal friends, and reconnect with lost ones from decades ago. Do not take anything for granted. This is time to open the ears of your subconscious.
    If you…Read More

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  • I am a regular user of the Quora platform. I stumbled upon this share by Aime Ishimwe that totally bewl my mind. Life is awesome.

    1. Every time you blink, you miss out on 100 images that your brain could have processed.
    2. Human taste buds can detect more than one trillion flavors.
    3. Your skin renews itself every 27 days.
    4. Your heart beats…Read More

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    Lily Perez
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    Ikenna dike replied to the topic Are Mermaids Real? in the forum Group logo of MysteriesMysteries

    I think they are. There are different beings on this planet earth. Spirits of all sorts roam the earth in different forms , even in human forms. People should have their eyes open.

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    Anonymous started the topic Are Mermaids Real? in the forum Group logo of MysteriesMysteries

    I had an experience that I could never forget in my life.
    I traveled for a holiday to one of the popular Islands in Florida. The first day I went out and had a lot of fun with all the views and the kind people I met.
    The night after I had a dream where I went back to the beach. I had this feeling that I was there on someone’s request, like I was…Read More

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