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    Many women find married men attractive, and wouldn’t mind a relationship with them. Because being married conveys that a man is experienced. Single women popularly describe married men as UNDERSTANDING & MATURE, but that understanding and mature man is another woman’s hard work! There’s probably a level of maturity you’ll never get from a man until you grow with him, and vice versa. When couples make speeches and say stuff like “My wife made me the man I am…” or “My husband made me the woman I am”, it’s real.

    Marriage makes a man bask in the highest level of his masculinity, and the same for a woman — heightened femininity. Don’t argue, men and women are different, and marriage plays out our differences loudly. Those experiences begin to shape the way we see/treat the opposite sex. A married man is likely to be more thoughtful to a single woman than a single man. A married man probably will be more chivalrous than a single man. He has learned how to pamper female idiosyncratic differences because he has a wife. A husband can make a ‘good’ boyfriend.

    Statistics hold this my assertions to be true. Most women find married men more desirable. The probability of a single woman bulbing much more at the sight of a man’s wedding band is high. I understand that we feel things that we are not. But going out with people’s husbands because of their ‘marriage-induced’ maturity and experience is moral greed. That experience and maturity is someone else’s — nurtured by her. He wasn’t always that sweet and tactful. His wife watched him grow.

    If you love sleeping with married men, get married because your husband will be married…to you. No man is readymade — you have to grow with him in one way or another. You will watch him grapple and fall with some things. It’s part of the making marriage brings. And no, he won’t dump his wife to marry you. Even if he does, he’ll mistreat you like he does his current wife. A man can be a terrible husband, but be your perfect boyfriend. You’ll only discover his demons when you become his wife. If he is that great, he won’t be cheating…

    Stay away from people’s husbands. Marry yours. Grow with him. Build with him. Better for you to marry an inexperienced and partly naive man who’s teachable and honest than be with a mature and experienced married man — he’s someone else’s work.

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