Dear all. I have a situation and it’s killing me everyday. Please do not blame me, as I have already had a stomachful of regrets and blames. I need advise now and my happiness and life depend on what I do next.

I love my boyfriend, he is cute and caring and every woman’s dream.

But last year he traveled to do a 6 months program in the UK.

One thing led to another and I got pregnant for his best friend, that normally visits us and goes out with him.

My guy is back to the Country now and I discovered last month that I am with child. I belong to a faith that strongly goes against abortion. It is not even an option.

I am running out of time, the signs are already manifesting. How do I open up to him without losing him?

I can’t imagine a life without this guy, but I am dying everyday that his friend’s child draws breath in me.


How do I tell my bf that I am pregnant for his friend?
Tayhland Answered question February 3, 2024