I know it’s quite weird, but I have seen life from a very sad angle so far. My mom is one kind of tom-boy. She beats up my dad for the slightest reason. My dad has cared for us and our every need until he lost his job 3 years ago. He has tried to get a job ever since all to no avail. Since that time my mom changed into something else and gets bitter and angry and violent with my dad for any little thing.  Each time I come back on holiday I see bruises on my dad. He never wants to talk about it or even ask for help. I don’t know what to do. I am really scared that I might come home one day and find my dad’s corpse. Lately he is having blood pressure issues. What can I do?

My mom beats my dad and he can’t ask for help, what do I do?
Nebuzz Answered question March 20, 2024