This is one of my deepest dreams. It has been many years now, but each time I think of it, I feel cold sweats trickle down my spine.

The dream was unlike any other; a vision so vivid, it pierced through the thin veil of consciousness and manifested itself in my reality. I lay there, motionless, as the world around me seemed to fade away, replaced by a vast expanse of midnight blue. A single, ethereal figure floated gracefully above me, its wings spread wide, casting an otherworldly glow upon my face. It was a dove, pure and unadulterated, and in that moment, it was as if time itself had come to a standstill. As I stared up at the creature, transfixed by its beauty, I felt a strange sensation wash over me – part longing, part nostalgia. The dove cooed softly, its song piercing the silence that hung heavy in the air, and for a fleeting instant, I was transported back to a place I’d once called home.

My heart ached with the weight of memories both sweet and bitter, as if the dove were somehow able to tap into the deepest recesses of my soul. I felt a yearning so powerful it threatened to consume me whole, a desire to return to a time when life was simple and uncomplicated. The dove circled around me, its wings beating steadily, as if guiding me on a journey through the labyrinth of my own emotions. As it drew closer, I could see the depth of sadness etched into its features, mirroring my own. It seemed to understand my pain, my loss, and in that moment, I felt an unbreakable bond form between us.

The dove landed gently on my palm, its soft, downy feathers brushing against my skin. Its eyes, once distant and ethereal, now fixed on mine, filled with an inexplicable wisdom. It cocked its head to the side, as if studying me, trying to decipher the enigma that was my life. For what seemed like an eternity, we remained like that, locked in a silent communion, the world around us fading further and further away.

Finally, with a gentle flutter of its wings, the dove took to the air once more, soaring high above me before disappearing into the inky blackness of the night. I sat up, my heart heavy with a mixture of sadness and hope, unable to shake the feeling that the dove had imparted some vital piece of knowledge upon me. As I watched the spot where it had been just moments ago, I knew that the creature would remain with me, not as a mere dream or vision, but as a guiding spirit, a reminder of all that I had lost and all that I still had yet to find.


Have you had a dream of a dove before? I’d like to hear from you in the comments section!

The dream of the Mystical dove
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