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    The Danger in Starting Small: READ THIS AGAIN.

    If you ask me what is my greatest victory in life so far, I will tell you it’s my unflinching eyes on my ambitions.

    You see, to dream big and start small is good but the problem is that a lot of people lose their ambition in the field of their small beginnings.

    Most of the Keke drivers you see on the road once had big ambitions but then lost them when they mentally conformed eternally to the crumbs their Keke provides.

    I fell into that same hole when I was a Keke driver and had to obstinately fight my way back to my ambitions even as I made the best use of what the moment offered.

    Severally in my life, I have seen myself doing a lot of things that I knew were temporary. Knowing and remembering what should be temporary and what should be permanent is a gift to be thankful for.

    The limitations of most people who are doing small things today happened when they forgot their big dreams.

    They got lost in their small beginnings and life, sadly, and truthfully, ends when one stops dreaming.

    Start small but remain ambitious. Whatever happens, don’t forget your big dreams. Don’t, please.

    Even as you hawk in traffic, don’t forget that you are capable of someday owning one of the exotic cars that pass by.

    When you are passing through the glamorous estates to your slum, remind yourself of your dream to someday own a big mansion.

    When you open your shop every morning, remind yourself that the dream is to someday become a widely recognized brand.

    Don’t forget! Remember! If you lose the fire of your ambition, the clock will stop there.

    Joseph never forgot his dreams, not in the wilderness with his father’s goats nor on his way to Egypt as a slave.


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