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    Let’s talk a bit about EMPLOYEE COMPETENCE.

    Michael Jackson was the king of Pop.

    Michael Jordan was the king of Basketball.

    Michael Jackson featured Michael Jordan is his video for the song ‘Jam’.

    In the video Jordan showed his great skills as a basketball god, and Jackson showed his skills as a dance god.

    Then it became interesting.

    Jordan tried to dance, and his gross incompetence was on full display.

    Jackson tried to play basketball, and his gross incompetence was on full display.

    Your employees have areas where they excel, and in most cases you hired them because they are great in one area.

    If you try to force them to excel in areas where they are weak, you will be disappointed by their gross incompetence.

    My advice, focus on their strengths.

    Here’s an exercise for you this morning.

    For each of your staff do the following:

    1. Write out 3-5 areas where you are SURE the person performs excellently. (Nobody is actually useless, even a rag is useful. Look well, you will find).

    2. Write out 3 areas you think they can improve on, that will help them become better at their jobs and in the personal lives.

    3. Sit down with each employee to discuss these things, and ask them if they would like you to help them improve.

    Listen when they talk.
    Take notes.
    Ask questions.
    Celebrate the areas where they are strong.
    Be gentle when you talk about their weaknesses.

    4. Organize/pay for them to attend training to help them:
    – Sharpen their saw in those areas where they excel.
    – Improve in those areas where they are weak.

    Training can be online or in person, but invest in the personal growth of your team. Your business will thank you for it

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