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    5 Practical Ways to Create Multiple Income Sources for Non-Politicians that won’t get 114% Salary Increments but still have to Battle with Fuel/electricity cost increments👇

    The price of everything is going up, our income cannot remain the same.
    Here are 5 ways to generate multiple income Ideas.

    1. Expand your current capacity
    How can you make more money from your current job or business?
    What do you need to do to qualify for promotion or a higher paying job.
    What complementary line can you introduce to your business or reach new audience?

    2. Monetize your knowledge
    What knowledge have you acquired from your education or experience? No, it’s not too basic. We want to pay you for it either through consulting, ebooks, courses etc.

    3. Learn a new skill
    What Tech or non tech high income skill can you learn and offer on social media or platforms like Upwork/Fiver.
    Can you learn video editing? Copy writing? Digital marketing etc.

    4. New business
    Can you leverage drop shipping and E-commerce to start a new business? You can employ someone to handle it for you if you are too busy to do so.

    5. Investments
    How about sending your money to do the work for you? You are not only building wealth, but interest from your investments can complement and fund your lifestyle.

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    So brilliant

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    Thanks for sharing this

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    Very insightful, thanks for sharing 🤗

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