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    Hello Everyone

    As fast as you can, make it your goal to become INFLUENTIAL on social media.

    Even if you don’t like it, please do it for the sake of your business growth.

    Even if you’re not a people person, do it for the sake of your brand’s posterity.

    You don’t know what you’re missing by not being INFLUENTIAL.

    Let me tell you why you should become one.

    Selling becomes easy when you’re INFLUENTIAL

    You spend less on marketing when you’ve built INFLUENCE.

    Your customer objections will reduce by 60%.

    Your business network would improve drastically.

    With a good business structure, your income will swell.

    So here is the fastest route to take especially for small business owners.

    RULE 1: Choose A Niche You Want To Be Known For:

    You are not an influence if people don’t know you for something.

    You can’t build influence without building an identity.

    RULE 2: Start Sharing Your Valuable Message:

    The structure for Influence, Impact, & Income is VALUE.

    You can’t take value out of the equation. People won’t follow you if you’re an empty vessel.

    If you must influence, you must lead, if you must lead, you must be VALUABLE.

    RULE 3: Leverage Others People’s Impact:

    As you’re starting out, you would need the shoulders of giants to stand on.

    You achieve this by building relationships with those ahead of you and on the same level with you.

    Penetrate their circle.
    Serve the circle.
    Be loyal to the circle.

    A mention from them can skyrocket you to the land of your dreams.

    RULE 4: Build For The Long Term:

    If your goal isn’t for the long term you will get weary and stop.

    When starting out the road won’t be rosy, it will be a bumpy ride as usual.

    But your long term vision would keep in the flow when things get tough.

    RULE 5: Show Up Consistently:

    This rule can’t be overemphasised, you can never outgrow being consistent.

    It makes you a friend of the algorithm.

    It makes you stay top of mind.

    It makes you perpetually visible.

    As a business owner, imagine you’re an influencer.

    Think of the kind of sales your business will be making per week.

    I trust this has helped you.
    I’m rooting for us.

    I can’t wait to see you Dominate in Sales and Influence.

    Thank You.

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    Influence guarantee sales

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    As possible as you can ,create influence on social media

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