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    Do you know that Recruiters have their own criteria to guide the ATS in selecting candidate?

    Copying the job description alone into your CV won’t help you beat the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    Here’s how to beat the ATS and go from rejections to multiple Interviews

    If you learn implement this on your CV, you will go from zero responses/rejections to multiple interviews in few weeks.

    When writing your CV, here are things you should pay attention to.

    1. Location: Some jobs are restricted to certain locations and to help them beat down the numbers of applications to just people in the location they are looking to hire from, they add the location as a Criteria. Eg If a Recruiter is looking to hire a Product marketing manager from London and the location on your CV says Lagos, the ATS will automatically reject it.

    2. The title of the role: If a Recruiter is hiring for a Content Marketing Manager, be sure they want to see that title or similar titles on your CV.

    3. Years of experience: There’s a certain level of experience required for every role so be sure to add your exact years of experience or range on your CV. Instead of writing “Results-driven Customer Service Representative with a proven track record in delivering exceptional customer experiences” on your CV, write “Results-driven Customer Service Representative with 4 years of experience and a proven track record in delivering exceptional customer experiences.
    If the criteria for the role is four years of work experience and you have it but it’s not stated on your CV, the ATS will definitely disqualify you.

    4. Specific Industry Experience: As a Product marketing manager, you are expected to have experience in GTM strategy, Product launches etc so make sure to clearly state them on your CV.

    5. Hard and Soft skills: Every Recruiter expect you to have Hard and Soft skills needed for the role so be sure to add them.

    Source: Twitter (thedigitalzoe)

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