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    Omo ehn, I’m so tired of this “photocopies” I’m seeing on this sosha medium, and I’ve decided to lend my voice to it.

    Yes, there’s a place of modelling and innovating around what you see other people do, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But what is not accepted is you trying to be someone else just because you want to build a personal brand.

    See ehn,the apex of personal branding is drilled in your authenticity and your individuality.

    The crux of your expression as a brand should be laced around your uniqueness and your ability to be yourself.

    I know you love the way a particular brand expresses on social media, don’t copy them verbatim, word for word, and character for character..

    You are free to model (I didn’t say copy), but be smart enough to be innovative, creative, and authentic in your own expression.

    When I see some of you on this app, you just remind me of someone else.

    When I see the way you write your content, you remind me of someone else.

    When I see the way you express your brand, you always remind me of someone else.

    Somtochukwu, I beg you, “God created you to be unique don’t die a photocopy”

    Let me tell you, I won’t lie to you….

    When you start trying to be me or be someone else, you are insulting your creator, and indirectly saying that God didn’t do well by creating you as an individual.

    When you try to be someone else, you end up having an “alter ego”, and this would always lead to brand frustration and misrepresentation of your real self.

    Here’s why you should stay through to your uniqueness in this space.

    ● People buy people on this space, and until you realise this, you would joke with the individuality of your brand.

    ● People love, respect, and are loyal to authentic brands, but if you’re a photocopy, you would only be a shadow of a brand they used to know.

    ● The visibility of your brand is also tied to your individuality, if you try to be like someone else, you would be swallowed in the crowd.

    ● Every brand has a unique spot in the market place, they might operate in the same industry, but they are never the same.

    Check it out, Jim Ovia and Tony Elumelu are in the same industry, they are even friends, but they both have their unique place.

    Do you know why?

    They stayed through to their UNIQUENESS.

    ● When you become a unique brand, you will become extremely invaluable, rare to find, and ultimately attract those who love and neeeds your uniqueness.

    ● When you build your brand based on your uniqueness, you automatically quell competition and become a monopoly.

    You were created with your uniqueness, don’t die a photocopy.

    Bring this your uniqueness of yours into your business, and you will ultimately attract your tribe.

    Thank You.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Don’t die a photocopy.🔥

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    When purpose is not known,abuse is inevitable. I don’t see why anyone should want to be someone when they can be just themselve

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    *Stay through to your uniqueness*

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