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How to get started as web developer

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    Want to work as a freelancer? These are very helpful guides to get started.

    Breaking Free: 5 Simple Steps To Get Started As a Web Developer Freelancer 💪

    Step 1: Learn basics, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
    Step 2: Build projects using basic concepts 👨‍💻
    Step 3: Showcase your project to the world! Post about it on Linkedin & Twitter 🗣
    Step 4: Learn Reactjs 💭
    Step 5: Build basics to advance level projects in Reactjs 👨‍💻
    Step 6: Again Showcase your projects to the world! Post about it on Linkedin & Twitter 🗣

    It’s an important step to keep posting about your projects on Linkedin & Twitter. It showcases your skillsets to potential clients who are looking for someone like you. Don’t get bogged down by any of the likes & comments. Keep posting, keep building & be consistent 📈

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    Shared by Rishabh Raghwendra

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