I really don’t know about other women, but my recent experience has really put me in a state of mind where i can hardly trust any woman, anybody again.
I met this girl back in the University. we were good, everything was going fine even years after our graduation. I decided i was going to settle down with her.
She readily accepted, to my greatest delight. But i was to regret ever meeting her not long after, when 3 weeks to our supposed wedding, i caught her red handed with my best friend, who would have been my best man!
I loved this girl deeply, she has been begging, and sending her friends to plead on her behalf. But i doubt if i would ever trust her again even if i forgave her. I don’t know how to think of trusting anything called a woman, anymore.
With her disturbances, my close friends and even close church people have begun to plead for her. what should i do?

Caught my girlfriend with my friend three weeks to wedding, should i continue?
Nebuzz Answered question March 20, 2024