So the other day one of my clients reached out about a dream they had about gathering snails and packing them up. I got one earlier about 2 months back. So I decided to share insights here for the benefit of other people who may be having the same type of dreams and seeking answers.


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The existence of snails goes back to millions of years as they are one of the oldest creatures tracked in history. One of the things for which they are known is their characteristic slowness and their swiftness to withdraw into the safety of their shells. They are classified and known by the environment where they are found.

Snails in dreams

If you see snails in your dreams, it could mean several things depending on the context of the dream. Most dreams about snails signify something good, or encouragement to have patience and endure a trying time.

Here are some instances of snail dreams and possible meanings.

Gathering snails in a dream

If you see yourself gathering snails in a dream, in real life you may be in a situation where you need to take a decision on something. This situation might be a very dire one where both options seem right and you do not know which path to take.

There could be many meanings to this, but it depends on how the dream made you feel. Did you feel excited? joyful? sad? broken? out of options?

Feeling happy or hopeful and picking snails in a dream?

When you see this kind of dream, you are being encouraged to be patient. Consider your options carefully and do not be in a haste to leave where you are or jump to the new ground. Your current place might clear up and experience a lot of improvement and upgrade, and the light at the end of tunnel will shine forth.

If you jump into the other option, that seems better, your joy might be short-lived due to unforeseen circumstances.

An instance of this is where you want to change jobs, or having thoughts of leaving your relationship. Keep in mind that the grass is always greener on the other side, and you seeing this particular type of dream at this point is a gift from God to ask you to be patient and grow what you have.

Sad and picking snails in a dream?

If you are gathering snails in a dream and you feel broken, and sad, and defeated; then you should quickly talk to a coach or mentor and seek guidance as there might be something in your life that is slowing you down.


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Crushing Snails in dreams

If you dream of crushing a snail with your shoes or vehicle, you have probably taken, or are about to take an unguided decision that might affect your progress in life. If you have this kind of dream and you have a situation in real life, then quickly put a hold on whatever critical decision you want to make. Think it through again, pray about it and seek guidance from a coach or mentor.

This could also be bringing your consciousness to a HASTY decision that might impact your life. If you have this type of dream, make sure you are not taking any hasty actions. Calm down, pray and seek advice.

Breeding snails in a dream

If you dream of breeding snails, you are probably delaying on taking a vital step in your life and career. You may want to talk to a coach or mentor in this kind of situation. Delays cannot make the problem go away. The sooner you confronted the situation the better.


Eating Snails in dreams

If you dream of eating snails, it is similar to the above instance, but more serious and should be given immediate attention. There could be a situation in your life that is dragging you behind in your life and career. It could be a habit, external influence or something you don’t have direct control over. Whichever it is, you need to seek guidance immediately.


Have you had any other instance of snails in your dream?

Have you experienced any of the above instances in your dream?

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Snails Dream Meaning


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