Have you ever had a debate with a friend about the richest place on the planet? What was your answer and what was it? To you, your answer might be the right one and to the other party, his/her answer might also be the right one.

Well, I’ll want to disagree with that. Do you know why? I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned the richest place in the world. There is a saying “don’t judge a book by its covers.” Well to me, the richest place in the world is the CEMETERY. Surprised? I’ll tell you why.

The CEMETERY is full of people with untapped purposes. Many young people have lost their lives either before they could even achieve anything or they were on the right track but lost their life. Purpose, if they had tapped it before their death, might have triggered the world into a peaceful place for everyone to inhabit, but along the way, it was cut short. Many reasons have made CEMETERY the richest place. Therefore, whenever you hear someone asking about the richest place in the world, just tell them about the CEMETERY. A place where knowledge, wisdom, and greatness lie in waste.

Heart touching message from Dr. Myles Munroe

The Richest Place in the World

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