My GF of 2 years now, has a child from her previous relationship and hid it from me. Before we started I asked her about all of these and she swore that I knew everything about her. She has been humble and well behaved. I was very impressed and ready to take the next step.

Just last week I decided to pay a surprise visit to her parents. It happened that a classmate of hers was there, she was about leaving when I was driving in. The little girl they has introduced to me as my girlfriend’s cousin came out to open the gate. As the lady was about to drive out she tipped the girl and asked her about her mother (she mentioned my GF’s name). The girl replied that her mom had not yet returned from the city.

I was just waiting for the lady to drive out so I could drive in and I heard everything they said. I just turned and drove home. I feel betrayed.

She has been begging, but I don’t think I can ever trust her again if she could lie to me about something this important.

My GF hid her child from her ex from me, can I trust her again?
Nebuzz Answered question March 20, 2024